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About Us

Our Mission

L ads Golf is a Golf & Lifestyle brand with a difference. Through Social Media we
have created a community of golfers that enjoy not just the skilful side of the game, but also the social side. Through this community we provide news, reviews and humour from the world of golf. As a brand and a company, we are not afraid to step close to the mark and pride ourselves on entertaining the every day golfer. Every one of our followers is important to us as it is through this community that we can all come together and demolish the stigma that golf is just for the elderly, rich and upper classes. We are a community of 'lads' that are of different race, class and age but all share the common factor that we love the this great game!

Our Company

F ounded in July 2016, we are a young company that are ready to hit the golf industry hard with our outgoing and close to the mark content and fashion label. We have already generated a huge following of 'LAD' golfers through our Social Media networks. Our brand is fresh, new, non-conventional and has an urban flare. We are not interested in attracting the 'old school' type of golfer, we are 'LADS' and we are damn proud of it!

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